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The Moonlandingz: Say Maybe To Drugs

After a mind-boggling headline set at Truck Festival, we caught up with the notorious Adrian Flanagan, founder & co-writer creator of The Moonlandingz:

- Where did the sound of The Moonlandingz come from? From the collective minds of a couple of sexually wayward halfwits! - Drug of choice? Drugs are bad, Just say Maybe!! - As this is a collaborative project with a real mix of characters, how do you think you all work together day to day? We work well together by spending as little time with each other as possible - it's not healthy hanging around with people who are as riddled with self loathing as you are! - What usually happens at rehearsals? The Moonlandingz do not rehearse, only actors or amateurs rehearse! - Now that you've put an album out are you glad you stuck with this weird little fantasy? I'm capable of much much stranger fantasies..I hardly had to dig deep in to my cranium to dredge the idea of The Moonlandingz.. it shows you how tame and lacking in any imagination alternative music has become if you see us as being weird?! - You smashed Truck fest, was there a lot of pressure headlining The Nest on the Saturday? Non whatsoever, It was just another day in the office... It's much easier playing to a packed, up for it crowd losing their shit rather than a half empty indifferent crowd, scratching their balls... The Moonlandingz sound is really made for big venues & big PA's, the bigger the stage and the louder the show, the closer the audience are to hearing the music as it should be heard, we are a stadium band really!! - You've just announced a tour, what should we expect from that? Expect an earthquake between your legs! - Which date are you most looking forward to? Glasgow was the first city we ever played in so Glasgow is a city really Dear to our hearts, Glaswegians know how to respond to music, it's the city that all other cities are judged by... I'm also really looking forward to playing in Manchester as we have our friends Black Lips & Pins playing with us, so that's gonna be a bit of a party!! - Any advice for anyone going to the show? Bring a pillow! - Is there another band you'd love to collaborate with, either on tour or as a new cult? Not sure really, I don't really like many bands - I currently like a spunky little Australian pop group called Confidence Man, they are the most fun live band I've seen in ages, I believe fun is good for the soul, I believe Confidence Man are good for the soul...certainly in these devastatingly shit times - we all need to lighten up and get down!!!! - Is there anything else you're doing at the moment that you want to talk about? I'm just tending to my orchard and doing some water colouring...the rest will reveal itself like a flasher in the park!! The Moonlandingz go on tour in November Tickets available here. Photo courtesy of Chris Saunders.

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