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Trash: Stadium Rock Wannabees

Trash, the northern lads who are anything but. We caught up with the hazy indie poppers to find out what they've been up to.

- You released new single 81 a couple of days before Truck Festival how did you find that whole experience?It's been the most popular track on the EP surprisingly. I was a little bit nervous when it dropped because it has a different character to 'Migraines', the first single we put out, but it was well received in the end.- Where did the single come from, what was the thinking behind it?I felt really shit when I finished at music college because for the first time in my life I had to make a big decision. I had to decide whether to go to uni or find a job but I didn't have work experience so I was like ah shit how does this even work?!... I need experience to get a job but I need a job to get experience. So I had a year out, wrote a bunch of songs (the new EP, pretty much), and then decided to give the uni lark a go. The song just covers general existential anxiety and growing up and having to suddenly take responsibility for the choices you make and for once be fully independent. - Is there anyone you'd liken your sound to?It's all about the chorus for us. U2, Embrace, Snow Patrol, all that shite. Forget the verses, just get me to the chorus.- Were those accidental similarities or were they a strong influence from the start?We accidentally became a stadium rock wannabe band.- Has there been a favourite stand out gig for you so far?YNOT festival main stage was mad and will forever be in our hearts.- A lot has gone on since your Soundcloud days, what do you think is the biggest thing you've learnt as a band since then?Wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...wait a bit more...and a bit more...Before releasing anything. You only get one shot at a release so dont fuck it up. Get the campaign right, get the artwork sorted in advance, don't bluetooth anything to your mate for them to 'accidentally' send it round their school.- You've got a whole lot of singles out, is there another EP on the cards? Or even talk of an album yet?The album will be out soon and it's going to be called 'When's The Album Out?'- And finally, the south has been lacking in Trash gigs, are there any tour plans for the near future?We're gonna live in a London music venue and play a gig there every night until we die. You can keep up to date with Trash here.


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