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Vinyl Staircase: It Was Written In The Alphabetti Spaghetti

With compliments from Wolf Alice and a feature in NME, the small town band from Surrey are destined for something magical. They may only have one single out so far but this is just the tip of the iceberg that you're going to want to crash into.

- Your single German Wings has been floating about for a while now, what made you decide to have it as your debut single?

German Wings was one of the first songs the current incarnation of our group birthed. After finishing and recording the it we definitely felt like we were hitting on a sound that we could explore and go further with. You need some kind music online if you expect to get booked for any shows, so that single was kind of a foundation and obligatory first step in the void that is now this band's existence.

- Your sound definitely submerges us into a hazy summer dream state, where did that influence initially come from?

We love lots of different genres of music but something we all share is a love for psychedelic bands such as Sunflower Bean, Tame Impala, The Brian Jonestown Massacre etc...

- The band name fits perfectly, where did it come from?

Cheers…it was written in the alphabetti spaghetti.

- You don't seem shy of progress, how do you expect to evolve over the coming months and years?

We want to write better songs and play bigger gigs, but mainly just have a good time.

- You fit very well in the small festival scene and at under the radar gigs, is that something you're happy with or do you think you'd prefer to fill out larger stages?

We’re having fun playing the shows we are now, but always enjoy progressing. The bigger the fest the more free beer.

- What has festival season been like for you this year?

Pretty, pretty, pretty pretty good… We’ve met lots of cool people and seen lots of good bands. Readipop and Leefest were particular highlights, got to catch Sorry, Superfood and Drug Store Romeos live.

- Obviously you're a pleasure to watch, but what makes playing live so exciting for you? ​

At the moment we only have one song released, so it’s fun to have a malleable set list. Also we try not to rehearse too much so there still an element of spontaneity to every show.

- You've played shows with some pretty fantastic bands, have there been any particular highlights or interesting evenings?

The Bad Vibrations All-Nighter was very fun, getting to see Bon Ningen do their thing is a spectacle. Also playing with Moonwalks was a good one, we ended up in basement Grime club where Mike lost his bag and some of his dignity, but an experience nonetheless.

- Who have you been loving lately? Are there any artists or albums that have been the soundtrack to your summer?

Been jamming to one of Ariel Pink’s newer tracks ‘Another Weekend’ which, is in my opinion, a perfectly freaky pop song - kinda like Beach Boys meets DEVO. The two new singles from Wands upcoming album are fucking massive aswell.

- Is there an end goal or a point when you'll be able to sit back and say you've 'made it'?

Knebworth baby.

- And finally, is there an EP on it's way or anything else we can look forward to?

We’re looking to record and release a Double A-side as soon as we can, we’re neck deep in straight up hits so got to shed some weight soon enough.

Keep on track with Vinyl Staircase on their Facebook and Soundcloud.

Photo courtesy of Byron Chambers.


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