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for all enquiries regarding any of the following:

  • Live Performances
  • Lead & Assistant Curatorial Roles
  • 1-1 Mentoring (online & in person)
  • Multidisciplinary Group Crits (online)
  • Events Videography & Live Cams


Grace Saint's practice includes performance, sculptural installation, painting, photography, experimental video, and curatorial projects. Their work frequently explores the archetypal and symbolic accounts of ritual in Judeo-Christian religion with a particular interest in ways these echo with traditional cultures and spiritual practices throughout the world. Stylistically their work is influenced by and draws on the powerful iconography of their Catholic upbringing that include heightened sensibility in the use of  light and use of iconography associated with the Catholic faith.  The artists intention is to use their art to contribute to on-going critique of what constitutes an archetypal, transformative, religious experience within dominant Western religion.

- Kathleen Rogers

Grace’s curiosity is extremely endearing. While the core themes of their work have a consistency, each iteration of their ideas are developed through research and continuous questioning. We want to congratulate Grace’s honesty with grappling with the difficult area of contemporary religion and divinity. Grace’s challenge is to consider the tensions between the autobiographical and the universal within their art practice. There is a good starting point in the idea of the ‘cosmic giggle’ or of the intervention - whether supernatural or the artist’s. 

- The Margate School

Grace's ability to run [the multidisciplinary crit group] Critters is outstanding. They work very hard to organise both meetings and participants so that everyone gains as much as they can from each meeting. During these crit groups, they offer support where needed and a welcoming space where ideas can be shared freely. They are incredibly active during meetings, always offering informed ideas as well as recommendations that are relevant to each member and these are the qualities that reflect their great leadership skills.

- Scarlett Hope-Gates

I have known Grace since 2018, first working together through a charity, followed by not-for-profit organisation Kane FM. Once Grace had been introduced to this community-led organisation, xe has and continues to have, a remarkable impact on the team. It has been a great pleasure to watch Grace mature from a university student, into a digital arts and media professional. Grace has worked successfully on various arts projects with one of the lead coordinators and amongst a team of other contributors. To me, Grace has demonstrated a level of competence and creative-innovative thinking as well as practice, that can truly contribute value to any organisation. Xe endeavours to go ‘above and beyond’, where there is no monetary reward rather a social one at Kane. Grace fully embodies and understands the core values of working for the purpose of social good.

- Kaya Mahdavieh

Grace is a multi skilled artist, curator and writer, who consistently organises and facilitates arts events while also developing their own practice. Religion, iconography and spirituality is the thematic undercurrent to the artworks which manifest as anything from paintings and sculptures to performances and installations. Grace's works are considered, asking the viewer to reflect on themselves in the context of religious or spiritual structures that may surround us. Drawing on art history as well as contemporary works, their knowledge and eye for curation is broad, which is proven in their delivery of several successful curatorial projects.

- Ellen Ball

Grace and I work together on the Citizen Kane project. Grace produces fantastic photo and video content, always proactively offers to shoot at events, is a skilled communicator liaising with multiple stakeholders, leading the social media for Kane FM’s Instagram handle, and is frequently bringing the community together with inclusive events.

- Rubens King

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